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GirikSMS App

Ensure Greater Customer Reach with GirikSMS App

Ensure Greater Customer Reach with GirikSMS App

Ensure Greater Customer Reach with GirikSMS App

To remain competitive businesses are looking for new ways to promote their product and services. While there is no dearth of marketing channels through which businesses can use to promote their brand, SMS (Short Messaging Service) continues to be one of the most effective ways of doing so. This is because of the great penetration power, higher open rate, and cost-effectiveness of this channel that makes it a preferred choice among the customers.

Today, with businesses focussing on customer service, several organizations have implemented robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like Salesforce to manage their processes efficiently. Salesforce provides the provision of operating SMS services within itself through its module for sending text messages to clients.

What is a GirikSMS App?

It is one of the best SMS apps for Salesforce available in the market and helps organizations to send bulk SMS/MMS from the Salesforce panel. The admin can create several users and allow them to send text messages. The robust app has multiple features, which if leveraged by organizations can help them attain business growth while gaining the trust of their customers. Developed natively on the Salesforce platform, this one-stop messaging app has become a preferred choice among the customers due to the presence of robust features. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

Automation through Workflows: Users can automate the sending of MMS/SMS by setting up workflows.

SMS Template: Easy way to create, customize and use SMS template for sending SMS from the app. The app can be used by sales reps to send messages directly by simply selecting the template, entering the number, and sending it.

SMS Scheduler: This feature allows sales reps to schedule the sending of messages (promotional, greeting, or maintenance) to customers by setting up the time, date, and template in the Salesforce org. On the scheduled date and time, the SMS will be sent automatically.

SMS from Report: Users can create standard and customized reports based on the data they wish to view. The ‘Send SMS Using Report’ feature is a perfect solution to calls and emails that go unanswered. Using this feature, users can select the report, the template, and the phone numbers from and to which they wish to send SMS.

Quick Wrap-up: The GirikSMS App by Girikon is a text-messaging solution that is endowed with powerful features that can help organizations to communicate with their customers more efficiently. This Salesforce SMS app is a perfect solution that can help organizations engage with customers, win their trust, and ultimately close more sales deals.