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GiriKSMS is a Salesforce texting app developed by Girikon Inc, a Salesforce Partner since 2015, and empowers businesses with the power of mobile messaging. Bulk announcements, personalised offers, automated notifications and alerts, surveys, one-to-one conversations, with GiriKSMS you can do all of this and more from right within Salesforce. Regardless of where your customers are and the channel they prefer to engage on, with GiriKSMS’S Salesforce SMS messaging capabilities, you can deliver personalised customer experiences at scale without writing a single line of code.

In today's digital era, CRM tools and apps have transformed businesses across verticals. With the widespread popularity of messaging, Salesforce texting is a compelling opportunity for businesses to deliver personalised customer experiences at scale. GirikSMS”s powerful Salesforce SMS and WhatsApp integration allows you to tap into potential customers across over 175 countries.

By seamlessly integrating messaging capability with Salesforce, you can empower your sales teams, improve customer loyalty and trust, and expand your business to newer markets. By synchronizing our Salesforce messaging app with your day to day business operations, you can maintain and nurture customer relationships at scale. In short, you can do more with less.

With, GirikSMS you can send SMS from Salesforce effortlessly, without writing any code. You can add texting capability to your worklflows to close deals faster improve customer satisfaction. GirikSMS works with all Salesforce objects so you can send and receive text messages throughout the customer life cycle.

GirikSMS comes pre-loaded with Chatbots that are available 24/7 to assist marketing, sales, and customer service teams. With GirikSMS Chatbots, you can easily automate the resolution of common customer concerns so that human agents can have more time to respond to more complex queries, significantly improving response times and agent efficiency. With GirikSMS Chatbots you can create omnichannel journeys to drive more meaningful customer engagement, get valuable insights on Chatbot performance, qualify leads for sales teams, answer FAQs, offer intelligent product recommendations, offer guided self-service to customers, promote your brand, conduct polls and surveys and gather feedback and engage in one-on-one conversations with customers 24/7 and help you deliver exceptional customer service experiences.

GirikSMS allows you to collaborate in conversations within your teams to improve response times. You can leave comments, ask questions and share information internally without ever leaving your CRM. Use assignments to route texts messages to the right employee right from your messaging thread. You can also send messages to large groups by synchronizing with list views in Salesforce. Users can use templates to send frequently used messages and personalise every message by merging your Salesforce fields. Now you can streamline your workflows by syncing your contact records. GirikSMS’s two-way sync updates your customer records based on their messaging behaviour allowing you to launch automated text conversations when customers send you a text you or when a Salesforce field is updated.

Close deals faster by adding texts to flows

Automatically send messages based in accounts, contacts, leads and more. You can also create automated texting workflows based on message behaviour, keywords and timing. With the power of Salesforce and the flexibility of GiriKSMS, businesses can connect with customers at scale at every stage of their journey and help you build deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.

Unlock your Marketing Reach

Now you can grow your marketing reach with our SMS app for Salesforce. With our code less Marketing Cloud integration, you can add SMS capability to your journey builder workflows to increase engagement rates, nurture leads and increase conversions. GiriKSMS allows you to text with complete flexibility. You can SMS enable your landline, VOIP or toll free numbers with just a few clicks. Send and receive messages in Slack and integrate your other business apps to connect your entire organization.

Use a Shared Inbox for Salesforce SMS

GirikSMS integrates seamlessly with Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. Now you can have shared inboxes for texting from Salesforce. Quickly and easily sync your contacts, leads, and accounts with just a few clicks. View all customer interactions in a single along with the most up-to-date information on your leads and contacts. Now you can log all messaging threads right within Salesforce, giving you access to important information at your fingertips to close deals faster and boost customer satisfaction.

Sync Your CRM to send SMS from Salesforce

GirikSMS’s Salesforce SMS integration connects text messaging to your Salesforce fields and objects. This allows you to use it seamlessly with your existing workflows. Update a Salesforce customer record based on texting behaviour, or launch automated text conversations when a Salesforce field is updated. Send text messages based on events, alerts, behaviour, campaigns, field changes, and more. GirikSMS automatically logs and threads the entire conversations right within Salesforce.

Personalize Messaging at Scale

Reach multiple contacts concurrently with personalizing Salesforce SMS messaging. Merge Salesforce fields to send personalised messages to contacts. Use lists to segment customers and launch automated campaigns for relevant and personalized messaging at scale.

Work Together for Faster Customer Support

Collaborate with your teammates on Salesforce text messaging threads. Easily route messages to the right team member. Write comments to communicate internally. Provide effective customer support with the best SMS app for Salesforce in the market.

Add Text Messaging to Flows in Sales Cloud

Close deals faster by enabling your flows with the power and flexibility of text messages. Automate outbound text messages based on accounts, contacts, leads, and more in Salesforce Process Builder. You can also launch automated outbound text messages based on keywords and timing.

Supercharge Marketing Outreach

Unlock the the power of business messaging with GiriKSMS’s Marketing Cloud integration. Engage in 2-way messaging to improve response rates and speed up conversions. Add SMS capability to your Journey Builder flows to improve engagement rates, cultivate leads, and boost customer response times.nch automated campaigns for relevant and personalized messaging at scale.

Take Your Conversation Anywhere

SMS-enable your landline, VoIP, toll-free numbers or even new numbers with GirikSMS. GirikSMS is tailor made for flexibility.

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Use a Shared Inbox for Salesforce SMS

Close deals faster and improve customer satisfaction scores with GiriKSMS’s Salesforce text messaging solution. Send and receive SMS with your leads and contacts from right within Salesforce and improve customer service, sales, marketing and internal collaboration. GiriKSMS’s Salesforce SMS integration works with all Salesforce objects, giving you the power of Salesforce texting at your fingertips.

GirikSMS AI ChatBots

Automate Customer Service with GirikSMS AI Chatbot

GirikSMS AI ChatBot is the game changer for customer service. Unlock the true power of Service Cloud with our AI powered chatbot for salesforce. Automatically resolve common customer queries across channels with minimal effort.

Automate customer service request resolution

Significantly increase the volume of query resolution without any additional costs of manpower or infrastructure with the GiriKSMS salesforce customer support chatbot.

Deliver scalable customer service

Empower customers to effortlessly self-serve with our salesforce live agent chatbot on the channel of their choice 24/7. With Salesforce chat bots, you can deliver contextual and personalized customer service experiences from anywhere on any channel.

Empower your service teams

Enable your service teams to own AI powered customer service from build to deploy and measure customer service KPIs. All without writing a single line of code.

Supercharge customer service with AI-powered automation

Build, scale, automate and optimize with a code less platform


Integrate channels and business apps to deliver consistent customer service experiences.


Leverage customer profiles and metadata to provide more personalized conversations.


Utilize Large Language Models (LLMs) to accelerate automated customer service.


Engage in automated conversations with customers with existing workflows and generative AI.


Leverage analytics and insights to track and optimize key performance indicators.

Need a CHATBOT for a specific industry? Just point and click.
Higher Education

Using Salesforce Higher Ed? Empower student advisors to scale student engagement. Enrol students faster with a recruitment and admissions chatbot for your educational institution.

Financial Services

Build customer trust and loyalty. Pre-qualify customers for financial assistance with personalized engagement with chatbots. Respond to queries faster and build deeper relationships.


Improve adherence to care programs. Ensure compliance and communicate effectively across channels with user defined opt ins.

Real Estate

Respond in real time to home buyers immediately and converge conversations to appointments faster. Leverage buyer details to ensure success.

Tailor conversational customer journeys for your industry in minutes with GiriKSMS chatbots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Salesforce SMS messaging? Here are answers to some common questions we come across. If you have any additional questions, simply reach out to one of our experts today.

In a typical scenario, Salesforce can send outbound SMS messages to contacts which means recipients cannot reply to these messages. For businesses looking to engage in 2-way conversations with their contacts, Girikon can help you with a variety of solutions for SMS messaging for Salesforce. These include using short codes, long codes and traditional phone numbers. With GirikSMS, you can engage in 2-way SMS conversations directly from your Salesforce console.

With GirikSMS, you can track all text messages in Salesforce. And through your team’s shared inbox, you can also access past text messages.

GirikSMS is one of the most cost effective SMS messaging apps to send SMS from Salesforce. All you need to do is download GirikSMS from AppExchange and one of our customer service reps will contact you to set it up quickly.

Download GirikSMS from Salesforce AppExchange. Once you login to your Salesforce account, you will be directed the app installation page. Once you have downloaded our app, one of our customer service reps will guide you through the entire process.

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