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Supercharge Sales, Marketing & Customer Service


Empower sales reps with a new way to sell. Improve customer engagement and accelerate sales from right within Salesforce.


Launch marketing campaigns at scale without ever leaving your CRM.

Customer Service

Automate service replies, augment self service with AI and knowledge articles and build your knowledge base on the go with case summaries.

Scale quickly across WhatsApp, SMS, MMS with GirikBots

Bot Builder

Use an easy, point-and-click interface to build and launch bots in minutes.

WhatsApp Ready

Engage with customers over the world's most popular messaging app.

SMS and MMS Ready

Send automated, conversational SMS and MMS to your subscribers and personalize every experience.

Personalize every interaction


Automate incoming cases and route to the right agent. Deliver intelligent recommendations to your users and customers, just when they need it.


Send automated reminders across WhatsApp and SMS from Salesforce to your teams and customers.


Build and deploy surveys with clicks not code. Leverage survey insights to optimize operations.

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Experience the potential of SMS marketing with GirikSMS and be part of a thriving community of businesses enhancing customer engagement and ROI.

Industry Use Cases

Grow trusted relationships with AI + Data + CRM

  • Contextually introduce tailored offers
  • Ensure easy discovery of relevant products with conversational messaging
  • Drive customer support with self service and intelligent automation
Features of GirikSMSApp
Generate more revenue with personalized replies, recommendations, and alerts via WhatsApp and SMS powered by your CRM data.
Lightning Ready

GirikSMS app runs seamlessly on the Lightning platform.

Single & Bulk SMS

GirikSMS can send bulk SMSes in a batch of 200 from your CRM data

AI Chatbot

Automate conversations for customer self-service, lead qualification and more.

Pardot Integration

Integrate seamlessly with Pardot and drive the performance of your marketing & sales teams.

Dedicated support

Users have access to 24/7 reliable and dedicated support.

Workflow/ Process Builder

Create workflows easily and automate outbound messages based with custom criteria.

Single & Bulk MMS

Send individual as well as bulk MMS at the click of a button using your CRM data.


Send reminders from Salesforce to your teams. Empower sales reps to respond to alerts and reminders in real time

WhatsApp Integration

Connect with your customers over the world's most popular messaging app

Survey builder

Build and automate surveys with clicks not code and integrate feedback data seamlessly with Salesforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Salesforce SMS messaging? Here are answers to some common questions we come across. If you have any additional questions, simply reach out to one of our experts today.

In a typical scenario, Salesforce can send outbound SMS messages to contacts which means recipients cannot reply to these messages. For businesses looking to engage in 2-way conversations with their contacts, Girikon can help you with a variety of solutions for SMS messaging for Salesforce. These include using short codes, long codes and traditional phone numbers. With GirikSMS, you can engage in 2-way SMS conversations directly from your Salesforce console.

With GirikSMS, you can track all text messages in Salesforce. And through your team’s shared inbox, you can also access past text messages.

GirikSMS is one of the most cost effective SMS messaging apps to send SMS from Salesforce. All you need to do is download GirikSMS from AppExchange and one of our customer service reps will contact you to set it up quickly.

Download GirikSMS from Salesforce AppExchange. Once you login to your Salesforce account, you will be directed the app installation page. Once you have downloaded our app, one of our customer service reps will guide you through the entire process.

Drive customer engagement.