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Attain Quick Business Success by Using Salesforce Messaging App

Attain Quick Business Success by Using Salesforce Messaging App

Attain Quick Business Success by Using Salesforce Messaging App

Customers today expect an instant response to their queries besides a personalized touch. While there is no dearth of internet-powered messaging Apps that fulfill the need for instant communication, text messaging Apps continue to be one of the most effective modes of business communication. In fact, several businesses have identified and leveraged the immense potential of text messaging Apps for improving customer interactions while delivering great customer service.

Today, with businesses becoming increasingly interactive, reaching customers using messaging Apps provides a similar outcome as providing customer service over social media. Even though an SMS App is widely preferred by businesses, its’ interface fails to fulfill the growing needs of a business. To improve the efficiency of a text messaging App, it needs to be integrated with a robust CRM platform like Salesforce, which would increase its efficiency manifolds.

By integrating an SMS App with a CRM platform, businesses can take their customer communication to a new level. There are several Salesforce SMS Apps available in the market, and GirikSMS App is one of them. However, this text messaging App has become a preferred choice of customers due to its wide array of advanced features and functionalities. Additionally, this App helps with scalable texting in no time thereby eliminating the need for a separate SMS App. Apart from this, businesses can leverage this App to cut down on manual interventions required for several messaging operations to save time for their employees.

The App offers certain other capabilities such as easy automation to run surveys, text operations that are time-savvy, automatic bulk lead assignment, and more. Let’s discuss some of the significant features of this App:

Automated Conversation: The App helps users to cut back on a majority of the manual tasks thereby saving precious time. Users can send and automate appointment reminders, confirmation text messages, and more. By making use of DIY conversation trees that are configurable, users can trigger a series of questions with keyword-based answers for capturing data. This leaves employees with sufficient time to focus on core activities rather than spending time on manual work.

Manage Multiple Leads Easily: The App facilitates one-on-one conversation, which can be leveraged to facilitate multiple customer queries and concerns at once. It is also easy to manage conversations using ListViews, Records, and responses for sending bulk responses. Apart from this, it is also possible to create and update records with zero navigation, which provides agents with much-needed convenience.

Personalized Communication: A Salesforce texting App like the GirikSMS App empowers users/ sales reps to send personalized text messages to prospects and existing customers. It is possible to track all the previous conversations to understand customer preferences and then send personalized messages over a channel of their choice. This eliminates the inconvenience caused to the clients preventing them from repeating their requirements time and again.

Close More Deals: A CRM integrated App like the GirikSMS App not just enables the sending of messages across multiple channels. This helps in bridging the communication gap between a business and its audience while targeting them where they are. Apart from this, employees can quickly engage with their prospects through automated texts, manage multiple leads, and share insights on a shared interface. This empowers sales reps to augment their efficiency and close deals faster.

Final Words:

Messaging Apps have become one of the most effective ways of ensuring seamless business communication. However, when an SMS App is integrated with a robust CRM like Salesforce, its’ effectiveness increases manifolds. A CRM-integrated messaging App has all the features and functionalities required to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.