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Boosting Client Acquisition: Five Text Messaging Strategies to Aid Law Firms in Generating New Business

Boosting Client Acquisition: Five Text Messaging Strategies to Aid Law Firms in Generating New Business

Boosting Client Acquisition: Five Text Messaging Strategies to Aid Law Firms in Generating New Business

The legal industry today recognizes the role of technology and the value it brings to stay current in today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. Legal firms are going through a transformational shift in mindset as they pivot around technology to embrace new tools and technologies to drive growth. And leading the change is text messaging. Legal businesses feel an imminent need to adopt technology-driven marketing strategies to stay relevant in today’s era. Owing to fierce competition, law firms must come up with new ideas to stand out. As a representative of a law firm, If you’re wondering how text messaging can help your legal practice acquire new clients, then this is the blog for you. But before we dive deeper into the benefits of text messaging, let us understand some of its basics.

What is Text Message Marketing?

If you are not already familiar, text messaging is a way for law firms to amplify outreach and drive engagement with existing as well as potential clients. Text messaging entails sending tailored text messages to clients on their mobile devices. Legal firms can send text-only offers followed up with a link to access the offer.

Text message-based marketing offers several advantages. It offers a convenient, personal, and non-intrusive way to help you stay connected with clients with busy schedules and who might not want to receive marketing calls from you. Consequently, you can cultivate stronger client relationships at a much lower cost than you would otherwise incur if you utilize conventional marketing methods.

Why Is Text Message Marketing Important to Law Firms?

Text messaging is not just a means to drive engagement with existing clients. It is also great to find new business. When you send text messages to potential clients, you give yourself the opportunity to share your credentials with them and allow them to share their contact information with you. Law firms don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on expensive advertising to attract new clients. Just a few text messages and you can find new clients for your legal practice.

Text messaging helps build client confidence. You can use text messaging to gather leads, send reminders to your clients, exchange documents, share videos, and even offer legal advice.

Building a Successful Text Messaging Strategy

Text messaging is reasonably straightforward to implement. However, just like any other marketing strategy, it can take a while before you start seeing results. Here are some pointers to build a successful text messaging strategy for your law firm:

Choose a Robust and Secure Text Messaging Platform

Before you start sending text messages to existing or potential clients, you need to find a texting platform that stands out. Our Salesforce integrated text messaging platform GirikSMS leverages CRM data and the power of Salesforce to offer personalized, secure messaging solutions tailored for the legal industry.

Choose a Texting Strategy

Segment your subscriber list and establish the use cases for them. With a robust CRM such as Salesforce, you can easily personalize every message based on client history, interests, and preferences.

5 Strategies for Law Firms To Use Text Messaging to Acquire New Clients

Integrating text messaging into your day-to-day operations can help you stay connected with existing and potential clients. Here are five ways text messaging can be used to acquire new clients, streamline your operations, and improve response rates:

1. Schedule Outbound Reminders

In a conventional scenario, legal firms rely on email as a preferred mode of communication to update clients on important dates. It's a known fact that emails have low read rates and even lower response rates. On top of that, emails have an increased risk of human error when compared with text messages.

A robust text messaging platform such as GirikSMS can automatically send reminders for payments, dates, and appointments, reducing the time spent on mundane time-consuming tasks such as writing emails or making reminder calls. With automated text messaging from GirikSMS, you can streamline communication and reduce the chances of error.

GirikSMS can seamlessly integrate with your existing case management and accounting systems. This eliminates erroneous billing and gives you detailed tracking of activities to streamline accounting.

2. Create an Audit Trail

Every text message sent from GirikSMS and every response received is recorded. This creates an immutable trail of all communication which can be downloaded for offline record-keeping or billing audit purposes. With GirikSMS you can keep your law firm compliant with relevant regulations.

3. Centralize all Texts and Maximizing Brand Recall

Using a text messaging platform like GirikSMS, you can send branded, personalized texts to augment brand recognition. With its powerful 2-way texting feature, you can engage in automated 2-way text conversations with prospects right from your business number. The convenience of two-way messaging from a business number gives clients and prospects the reassurance of a personal touch and demonstrates to them that their business matters to you, resulting in a better client experience. Prospects and customers come to recognize your brand when they know they can communicate with you over text and phone on a single number.

4. Collaborate with Team Members

A robust, feature-rich text messaging platform can also foster collaboration among team members. With GirikSMS’s multi-user functionality, your legal staff can engage in text conversations as a team and communicate with clients and prospects in co-managed conversations using a simple business number. You can easily embed workflows and automation using GirikSMS’s click-and-drag interface to streamline communication with clients and prospects.

This collaborative functionality of GirikSMS keeps all conversations in a single secure place. By centralizing all communication, you can protect clients' interests and personal details, and give them the privacy that is especially critical in a legal setting.

5. Adhere to a Customer Preference that is Effective

SMS messages have a read rate of over 98% with over 90% of messages being read within a few minutes of receipt. This just shows how much people prefer text messages as opposed to emails (which have a 16% open rate) and phone calls. Text messaging is inherently non-intrusive and allows people to respond at their time and place of choosing. Case management is easier when clients can interact with you at their convenience. With GirikSMS’s powerful suite of features, you can enable rich text across popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, and send documents, images, and video translating to an enhanced interaction experience.

Why GirikSMS?

Law firms spend a significant amount of their time managing court dates and communicating with clients. A robust text messaging platform such as GirikSMS can automate these processes so that law firms can avoid time spent on back-and-forth communication and spend more time on case management.

GirikSMS offers a powerful and user-friendly text messaging platform to help law firms increase productivity, streamline communication, improve response rates, and save valuable staff time. Want to know more about how text messaging can help your law firm acquire new clients? Book a demo today.