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Free SMS Templates for Financial Services

Free SMS Templates for Financial Services

Free SMS Templates for Financial Services

Customer confidence, trust, and loyalty are hallmarks of any financial services business. Whether you're an investment adviser, asset manager, bank employee, insurance agent, or offer any kind of financial services, these SMS templates for financial services, powered by a best-in-class SMS app for Salesforce can help you supercharge customer engagement at scale.

Benefits of using SMS marketing to drive engagement with financial customers

Building stronger relationships:  Tailored text messages are a game changer. Receiving personalized text from a brand makes customers feel valued and makes a brand more trustworthy; this strengthens your relationship with them and increases loyalty.

Boost SMS campaign efficacy: Text message response rates are 45%. In contrast, 20% of emails are junked. In the financial sector, where important information is provided but not always read, this can be problematic. As a financial business, you can be sure that your message is having an impact because almost 50% of customers check their SMS notifications within 2 minutes of receiving a message.

Make your company stand out: Many financial businesses continue to use legacy methods. Text messaging breaks the norm and modernizes your business.

Reduce human error: Launching automated bulk SMS minimizes the chances of errors. By using an enterprise-grade CRM like Salesforce, you can launch SMS campaigns easily for your entire contact database by using the right Salesforce texting app.

Common use cases of SMS marketing in the financial sector

Let's now examine how, in this new era of multichannel marketing, SMS can drive success for your financial business's marketing initiatives.

Introductions/Welcome Messages

You can use SMS to thank consumers for signing up and to promote your financial products and services, all while fostering a relationship based on trust. Sending a welcome text to customers is a good practice for financial businesses.

Remember to let customers choose their own preferences so they can specify the channels they prefer to communicate on

Policy Notifications

Have you recently updated your terms and conditions or privacy policy? Provide customers an SMS with a link to all documentation rather than printing and delivering paperwork to thousands of customers, which is a lot of work. Furthermore, it's a great approach to adopt more environmentally friendly habits. Not only are initiatives aimed at cutting down on paper consumption an eco-friendly habit, but customers who care about the environment are also demanding it.

Inform Customers About Offers

Financial services businesses can launch tailored SMS campaigns when they want to offer customers a promotional offer when they open a new account. This could be in the form of monetary incentives, a higher savings account interest rate, or a one-year fee waiver, depending on your objectives. Though businesses frequently view it as a constraint, SMS messages' 160-character limit is actually one of their biggest advantages. It encourages consumers to read a message that takes only a few seconds rather than the intimidating task of reading through reams of email material and compels your marketing staff to communicate directly and succinctly. Additionally, it makes it easier for your customers to understand your message and know what to do next.

Useful SMS templates for financial services

Here are some useful SMS templates specifically designed for financial businesses absolutely free to take your customer engagement to the next level.

SMS template for payment reminder

Sample Message: Dear Mr. Smith, this is a payment reminder from RBL Bank. Your installment of $ 241 is due on the 7th of May. If you have any questions, please call us at +1 987 6543 210. Please ignore if already paid.

SMS template for overdue payment

Sample Message: Teresa, your payment was due on 25th May. To pay now, click here http// Please ignore if already paid.

SMS template for unsuccessful payment

Sample Message: We’re sorry your payment was unsuccessful. To pay using a different payment mode, please click here http// Thank you.

SMS template for due payment

Sample Message: Dear Adam. Your bill of $ 46 is due today. Click here http// to pay now. Thank you, Vodafone.

SMS template for successful payment

Sample Message: $ 530 to John Smith was successfully processed with transaction number 12345678.

SMS template for a promotional message

Sample Message: The new loan scheme for gold customers launches on 14th May. Click here to know more. http// Thank you for choosing RBC Bank.

SMS template for successful payment

Sample Message: Dear Tony, $200 has been successfully paid to Girikon LLC. If you did not initiate this transaction, please call us at +1 987 6543 210.

SMS template for a loan offer

Sample Message: Dear Mr. Patel, congratulations! You have a pre-approved loan offer from RBC Bank. Click here to avail this offer at an interest rate of 9 % p.a. and a tailored repayment plan.

SMS template for loan promotion

Sample Message: Dear Monica, Greater Boston Bank has an exclusive offer for you for a personal loan. Enjoy a reduced interest rate of 8% p.a. and a flexible EMI plan. Click here ( to apply.

SMS template for loan promotionSMS template for loan repayment

Sample Message: Dear Mr. Kumar, your loan repayment amount of $330 is due on 14th June. Please ensure sufficient funds in your account for a successful transaction.

SMS template for payment receipt

Sample Message: Dear Ms. Gupta, thank you for your payment of $140 on 9th March. Your account has been updated. Please provide your feedback here (

SMS template for Insurance policy renewal reminder

Sample Message: Dear Ms. Ferguson, your policy no 299348788 with RBC Insurance is expiring on 24th August. To please renew your policy, please click here (

SMS template for Insurance claim intimation

Sample Message: Dear Travis, we have received your claim request # 94448273. Our claims team will reach out to you within 24 hours. Have a nice day!

SMS template for loan payment reminder

Sample Message: Dear Mathew, this is a gentle reminder that your loan EMI of $440 is due on 21st September. Please pay on time to avoid late fees and penalties.

SMS template for overdue payment reminder

Sample Message: Dear John, your loan EMI payment of $340 is now 5 days overdue. Pay immediately to avoid further late fees and penalties. Click here to pay now (

SMS template for payment due

Sample Message: Dear Margaret, your payment of $229 is due on 24th Jan. Please pay on time to avoid any late fees and penalties. Click here to pay now (

SMS template for complaint registration

Sample Message: Dear Andrea, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please click here ( to file a detailed complaint so that we can resolve it at the earliest.

SMS template for feedback collection

Sample Message: Dear Mr. Kumar, we value your feedback. Please click here ( to rate our service on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent. Thank you for banking with us.

SMS template for successful payment

Sample Message: Dear Mathew, your payment of $300 has been received successfully. To upgrade your plan please click here (

SMS template for EMI bounce alert

Sample Message: Dear Mr. Kumar, we regret to inform you that your EMI of $400 has been rejected due to insufficient funds. Please pay at the earliest to avoid penalties. Click here to pay now (

Secure banking processes with GirikSMS

You can use our text messaging platform to validate customer information and have direct conversations with customers. Protect sensitive data by creating one-time passwords using our OTP SMS API. Online banking via compliant SMS messaging is easy, economical, and efficient.

  • Scale according to your business needs
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant
  • Protect critical data
  • Boost customer satisfaction

Keep customers informed on banking processes

Alert customers with text updates regarding mortgage applications and loan approvals. Keep them informed of any changes to their loan status and notify them of any developments.

  • Automate text messages to provide status updates
  • Use SMS keyword triggers to set up automated responses
  • Two-way text messaging capability
  • SMS reminders and appointment confirmations
  • Send tailored bulk messaging directly from Salesforce

Protect sensitive customer information

According to Google research, 96% of bulk phishing attacks and 100% of automated bots were prevented by two-factor authentication using SMS OTP. Establish your bank as a security-conscious institution that prioritizes protecting consumer data.

  • SMS 2FA enhances cybersecurity and secures online data.
  • Generate time-sensitive, unique codes using SMS OTP API.
  • Dedicated virtual number and an authorized Sender ID.
  • Leverage fraud detection messages to prevent identity theft.

Simple and secure texting solution for legacy banking systems

Use GirikSMS to streamline communications. Create custom SMS capabilities and incorporate text messaging functionalities into customer communication strategy. Benefit from the premium message routes and high throughput offered by GirikSMS.

  • High throughput premium SMS messaging gateway
  • Out-of-the-box Salesforce integration and plugins
  • Powerful reporting and analytics,
  • API Reference for customized text message solutions

GirikSMS By Girikon is a 100% native SMS app for Salesforce and comes bundled with a plethora of enterprise SMS features so you can start messaging your financial customers right away. Book a free 30-day trial today.