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How can a Robust Salesforce SMS App Improve Business Communication

How can a Robust Salesforce SMS App Improve Business Communication

How can a Robust Salesforce SMS App Improve Business Communication

Effective communication is the key to business success. To ensure better customer reach, organizations need to approach their prospects and clients through multiple channels. Today, business communication is no longer an exception, with the internet being at the heart of everything. However, text messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service) continues to be the most effective mode of communication due to its higher open rates, more significant penetration effect, and cost-effectiveness. The effectiveness of text messaging can be attributed to its freedom from the internet.

When integrated with a robust software system like Salesforce, its interface and overall functionality and effectiveness become intuitive. One example of a powerful Salesforce SMS App is the GirikSMS App from Girikon. This CRM integrated SMS App empowers organizations to ensure personalized communication with their customers, providing more closed sales deals and improved ROI.

However, the benefits which an organization could avail of largely depend on how the texting solution is integrated into Salesforce. Providers that offer native integration into Salesforce and connect directly into the CRM offer more benefits than integration that involve third-party software. Though, native integrations are comparatively difficult to develop, they allow the direct sending and receiving of text messages while eliminating potential vulnerabilities and delays. Since, no third-party integrations are involved, native integrations offer security, reliability, and cost benefits.

Built natively on the Salesforce platform, the App offers multiple features organizations can leverage to ensure better customer reach. Listed below are some of the amazing features of this App:

Basic Features:

Lightning Ready: The App runs equally well on Salesforce Lightning and the classic platform.

Single and Bulk SMS: The App can be leveraged to send SMSes in bulk (in a batch of 200) and individually from the ListView using the bulk SMS interface.

Pardot Integration: By allowing integration with Pardot, the App helps in improving the performance of the Sales and marketing team.

SMS History: Records sent from Salesforce can be linked with the Lead or account corresponding to it.

SMS/MMS Automation through Workflows: By creating workflow configurations, the sending of SMS/MMS can be automated.

Advanced Features:

Whatsapp Integration: Organizations can leverage this feature to send messages to their clients over a shared console.

Process Builder: Messages can be sent to the intended recipients by creating a workflow rule.

Set Reminders: To help users keep track of activities and events, Salesforce can send reminders to enable sales reps to respond to incoming SMSes quickly.

SMS from Report: The issue of unanswered calls and emails can be issued using this feature. To send SMS to intended recipients, users need to select the report, template, and phone numbers from and to which they wish to send messages.

Quick Wrap-up:GirikSMS App by Girikon is a robust Salesforce messaging App that offers multiple advanced features that can help organizations take business communication to a new level. The App provides guaranteed results along with fantastic customer support and competitive pricing.