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Increase Brand Awareness by Leveraging Salesforce SMS App

Increase Brand Awareness by Leveraging Salesforce SMS App

Increase Brand Awareness by Leveraging Salesforce SMS App

To sustain in today’s competitive business era, it’s important to provide a superior experience to customers to stay ahead. This has primarily become more important with customers being more evolved and informed. Today, customers are ultra-connected with their mobile phones, which empower businesses to provide customers with a better experience through cost-effective mobile App solutions.

One such cost-effective way of communicating with customers is through a text messaging App that can help businesses efficiently communicate with their customers and provide them with necessary support and assistance.

When integrated with a robust CRM like Salesforce, a text messaging App can enable individual or multi-channel conversations with bulk messaging, two-way messaging, customized communications, and more. One such CRM-integrated text messaging App is the GirikSMS App which is built natively on the Salesforce platform and has several advantages.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Text Messaging App

A Salesforce messaging App provides much more than text messaging functions. Listed below are some reasons why you should be installing one today:

Engage Global Clientele: Irrespective of where your customers are, it is possible to reach them with the help of a CRM-integrated customized text messaging App. Since most of the time people are on their phones, there will be a high chance that they will be reading your messages. Moreover, service reps are also empowered to provide better experiences to their customers.

Increased Read Rate: Text messaging has a great penetration effect, and beats other channels of communication such as email marketing with a read rate of 98% by customers.

Know More about Your Customers and Get Feedback: Research conducted reveals that around 31% of customers respond to surveys conducted on them via text.

Empower Organizations to serve Customers Properly: By leveraging a Salesforce integrated messaging App, you can empower your sales, marketing and customer service team to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Moreover, the need to use a third-party application to run your SMS effort is no longer required as you can manage everything from Salesforce.

How Do SMS Apps work with Salesforce?

When integrated into a CRM platform like Salesforce, a text messaging app can be used to have an agent-to-customer conversation with customers with bots and campaigns. Text message long code channels can be set up so that customers can send messages to your company and the same reply can be scanned from the service console by the agents. A Shortcode channel can be set up to send recurring messages and alerts.

Significant Features of Salesforce Messaging App

Significant Features of Salesforce Messaging App

Salesforce Text Messaging Apps can be leveraged by businesses of all sizes and across different industries as it enables a more effective channel of communication. It allows you to automate triggered messages besides customizing the responses. Besides the functionalities of texting, several features should be considered before deciding on the app that would best suit your company:

Multi-channel Integration: It is possible to manage messages coming from different platforms in a single platform. It is crucial to look for an App that can connect with other messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.

Global Reach: Make sure to implement apps that allow you to send messages across the globe. In the long run, this will turn out to be a cost-effective option, as you will be paying it on a subscription basis and not per text basis.

Two-way Sending: It is possible to send and receive messages to and from the Salesforce platform.

Message Scheduler: It is possible to schedule the sending of messages depending on the customer’s preferred time, and location

Bulk SMS Sending: It is possible to send messages to an individual as, well as multiple contacts in a single go.

Messaging Templates: These Apps have built-in message templates that can be easily customized by anyone from your team.

There are some of the numerous benefits offered by a CRM-integrated SMS App. However, it is crucial to understand its significance for businesses in general. In fact, a Salesforce-integrated SMS App allows businesses to accomplish all these in the easiest possible way. By preparing a database of all the accounts and contacts they function with, organizations can record their social profile, contact data, service history, corporate relationship and complete customer history interactions by using customer service. This would assist in building a complete customer view while providing them with the best possible services. Additionally, the CRM can be integrated seamlessly with SMS features to enable seamless communication with customers basis data gathered from the software's analytics.

Businesses can leverage Salesforce to better engage with their customers, draw insights about their organization, and anticipate customer behaviour while creating a scalable organization. Finally, organizations can send SMS from Salesforce while providing superior customer relationships that boost sales and return on investment.

Quick Wrap-up:

While the significance of text messaging cannot be denied, its performance increases manifolds when it is integrated with robust CRM like Salesforce. A CRM-integrated SMS App can take customer communication besides increasing brand awareness, as well as brand reputation. By leveraging a Salesforce SMS App like GirikSMS App, businesses can have a better rapport with their customers.