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Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Increase Customer Engagement

Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Increase Customer Engagement

Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Increase Customer Engagement

Businesses today have to deal with cut-throat competition to sustain in this competitive landscape. Besides offering high-quality products and services, a business should ensure proper communication with its customers, the life and blood of a business. Among all the channels of communication available, SMS (Text Messaging) continues to be one of the most effective modes of communication. This is primarily because of its excellent penetration power and greater open and readability rates compared to other communication channels such as Emails.

Apart from this, its independence from the internet makes it a cost-effective option. While SMS is a highly effective communication channel, its interface fails to support the evolving needs of a business. When integrated with a robust CRM like Salesforce, its effectiveness increases manifolds. Today, forward-looking organizations integrate Salesforce SMS App within their business ecosystem to better engage with their customers.

One such Salesforce texting App is the GirikSMS App that offers a wide array of advanced features and functionalities that can help organizations take their business communication to a new level. This fully automated application can accelerate your customer communication in the simplest way. Let's take a look at some of the significant features offered by this robust App:

Workflow Automation: The sending of SMS and MMS can be automated by forming simple workflow configurations. It is possible to send automatic text messages and customize customer experience based on their behaviors with workflows.

SMS Template: Templates help create a dynamic message intended to be used by users. It is possible to build templates for all standard or custom objects using this feature.

Bulk or Single SMS Texting: One of the powerful features offered by this App includes single and bulk Messaging. This feature will enable users to send messages to selected contacts in no time. It allows the sending of around 200 SMS from the List view of Salesforce.

WhatsApp Integration with Salesforce: This feature allows users to send WhatsApp text alerts to customers from Salesforce. In case users aren't using WhatsApp, then SMS will be sent.

Schedule Messages: It is possible to schedule the sending of messages to places with different time zones. Users need to enter the desired date and time to send the message. At the intended date and message gets disbursed automatically.

Set Reminder: This App's advance schedule feature can help users set up appointment reminder messages from the process builder or workflow. For instance, it is possible to send auto SMS to your customers 2 hours before the appointment schedule.

Quick Wrap-up: These are some of the features offered by this robust Salesforce Texting App Built natively on the Salesforce platform, the App paves the way for personalized communication, leading to better customer engagement.