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Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Provide Better Experience to Customers

How can a Robust Salesforce SMS App Improve Business Communication

Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Provide Better Experience to Customers

In today’s ultra-connected era, it’s easy to provide customers with a better customer experience with mobile app solutions. From sending personalized offers to providing prompt responses to their queries, it’s possible to be there for your customers when they need you the most with a robust mobile App solution. One such robust mobile App solution is the GirikSMS App, built natively on the Salesforce platform.

This Salesforce SMS App can empower multi-channel conversations with customized communications, bulk messaging, two-way messaging, and much more.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Text Messaging App

A Salesforce SMS App provides users with much more than text messaging functions. Listed below are some of the compelling benefits of this App:

Engage customers globally: TWith this cloud-based App, users can reach their customers across the globe by sending customized SMS. This will improve engagement and empower service reps to provide a superior customer experience irrespective of where they are.

Improve customer read rate: One of the best ways to make customers read your message is to use a text messaging solution as it offers a read rate of 98%, which is more than any other mode of communication.

Know more about your customers: It is possible to get customer feedback through surveys that can be created via text.

Serve customers properly You will be able to provide a world-class experience to your customers as you do not require access to third-party applications to manage your SMS efforts.

How do Messaging Apps work with Salesforce?

When an SMS App is integrated into the Salesforce platform, it is possible to have agent-to-customer conversations by using bots and campaigns. Organizations can use the new or existing number to send messages.

They can set up text message long code channels so that their customers can send them a message while agents can reply from the Service Console. They can set up the shortcode channel in messaging if they wish to send one-time alerts and recurring messages.

Features of Salesforce Messaging App:

Salesforce Texting Apps have proved beneficial for businesses across different industry verticals as it paves the way for more effective communication. Besides this, the App automates triggered SMS and customizes the responses. Listed below are some of the features that organizations should consider while selecting the right messaging App:

Multi-channel Integration: Consolidate and manage messages from other platforms in a single place. It is essential to look for an App that can seamlessly connect to customer’s communication Apps such as WhatsApp, MMS, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Global Reach Sending: It allows the sending and receiving of SMSes to and from every corner of the globe. This, in turn, can be a cost-effective proposition as users pay for it on a subscription basis.

Two-way Sending: Send and receive messages in their Salesforce platform.

Message Scheduler: Messages can be scheduled to be sent on the desired date, time, and location. Time your messages based on your customer’s location or preference.

Bulk Sending of SMS: It is possible to send messages to multiple contacts in a single go besides setting categories for recipients.

SMS Templates: It is possible to use in-built SMS templates that any team member can use to customize.

Quick Wrap-up:These are some of the significant benefits of using a Salesforce messaging App. GirikSMS App is one of the Best SMS App for Salesforce available and can be leveraged by organizations to improve their customer communication.