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Leverage Salesforce Texting App to Better Manage Customer Relationships

Leverage Salesforce Texting App to Better Manage Customer Relationships

Leverage Salesforce Texting App to Better Manage Customer Relationships

To sustain today’s cutthroat business landscape, businesses, irrespective of their size and business domains, leverage the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to manage their customer relationships. The platform has helped organizations gain insights related to customers. However, many of these businesses aren’t aware of the benefits of integrating robust CRM systems like Salesforce with an SMS App to boost performance. A CRM integrated SMS App empowers organizations to streamline workflows, personalize communications, and improves customer service. GirikSMS App is an example of a CRM integrated App.

Why are Businesses Leveraging CRM integrated SMS App?

Since business texting is a powerful communication tool, businesses prefer using this channel to connect with their customers. Moreover, text messages have an impressive open rate of 98% and are usually responded to within 90 seconds. A CRM integrated SMS App is a powerful addition for any business as it allows companies to quickly reach out to existing contacts in an automated yet personalized way. This additional provision of personalization provided by this CRM integrated App provides businesses with more penetration effect, compelling customers to open and respond to texts in a better way.

On the other hand, customers experience greater satisfaction levels as they use their preferred channel with a personal touch.

Use Cases of CRM integrated SMS App:

Customer Service: Businesses can utilize the CRM integrated SMS App in their workflows to streamline systems. For instance, customer service agents can send text messages by setting up automation. A CSAT survey request can be sent from the business texting platform once a ticket is closed.

Closing Sales Deals: It is essential to maintain a strong customer relationship to close sales deals quickly. With a Salesforce Texting App, sales reps can identify and extend their reach to customers who require re-engagement within a single platform. So, after they meet a customer online, sales reps can automatically send the customer a text with a link to schedule a follow-up.

Outreach campaigns: Organizations can leverage a CRM integrated messaging App to initiate outreach campaigns. By having access to customer information, including personal data and history, marketers can send product tips, offers, and event details to engage the customers.

Business Operations: Operations teams often have to manage delivery teams, which means they have to relay messages between teams and customers. With a CRM integrated SMS App, operations teams can receive messages, open their CRM, review customer details, and instantly transmit important information.

Final Words:These are some of the clear benefits of using one of the best SMS App for Salesforce. So, make sure to use a CRM integrated App to ensure seamless communication with your customers.

Set Reminder: This App's advance schedule feature can help users set up appointment reminder messages from the process builder or workflow. For instance, it is possible to send auto SMS to your customers 2 hours before the appointment schedule.