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Pave the way for Seamless Business Communication by Leveraging Salesforce SMS App

Pave the way for Seamless Business Communication by Leveraging Salesforce SMS App

Pave the way for Seamless Business Communication by Leveraging Salesforce SMS App

Text messaging has become one of the most preferred modes of business communication these days. Compared to other channels of communication, text messaging has more penetration effect and higher open rates. Though text messaging is an effective mode of communication, its interface isn't intuitive enough to fulfill businesses' evolving needs. When such an SMS App is integrated with a robust CRM platform like Salesforce, its effectiveness increases manifolds. One such robust Salesforce SMS App is the GirikSMS App from Girikon.

This one-stop text messaging solution empowers users to communicate with customers and partners effectively. Apart from this, the App allows marketers and salespeople to send text messages in batches while enabling administrators to automate text messages triggered while automating the responses. The GirikSMS App is an easy-to-implement App and integrates SMS and MMS capabilities within the Salesforce platform.

The App works equally well in the classic and Lightning platform automatically without the need for additional configuration. This Salesforce SMS App is a top-ranked SMS App that businesses can leverage across different industries such as hospitality, education, healthcare, and more. Besides mass texting, the App provides relevant features that can help enterprises draw maximum benefits. The App is unique with its ability to use Salesforce reports to execute Batch SMS. The App also has an Apex class for sending regular SMSes and another one for sending MMS.

How Does SMS App for Salesforce Transform Business Communication?

Multiple Conversations: To fill the lead pipeline faster, a single routine isn't sufficient because, without automation, employees will be able to communicate only with a limited number of prospects. However, automated texting offered by one of the best SMS App for Salesforce, like the GirikSMS App, can help agents communicate with multiple prospects. Text messaging can be automated for interactions on the one hand and one-on-one conversations through chat and call. This would help attract leads from different directions using various conversations.

Cost-effective Data Capturing: Capturing data using traditional methods isn't easy. The GirikSMS App provides a cost-effective way to run questionnaires, surveys, etc., for capturing data. The no-code automation capability allows users to configure surveys without the assistance of any developer.

Automated Texting: The process of Lead or inquiry qualification can be automated using automated texting. Apart from this, understanding the requirements and preferences of audiences can be captured, which can be leveraged to make informed decisions while preparing targeted SMS campaigns.

Meaningful Interactions: Meaning to any conversation can be added when messages are sent to the right person at the right time. Scheduling of messages is a way for automated text messages to be sent on preferred date and time. Time-sensitive messages can be scheduled in advance to decide whether texts go out weekly, monthly, annually, or bi-annually while reducing manual intervention.

Reduce Manual Involvement: Automated texting opens doors of opportunities to pave the way for self-driven interactions. This frees up employees' precious time as they can prioritize other high-value tasks and reduce their involvement in other operational activities. Essentially, organizations can accelerate their interaction process, assist customers at the right time, and engage in meaningful conversation while enhancing their overall brand experience.

Quick Wrap-up: So, if you are looking to transform business communication, you must consider leveraging a robust CRM integrated text messaging App. Such an App will not just ensure seamless communication but will also improve your brand reputation.