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SMS App for Salesforce - GirikSMS

SMS App for Salesforce - GirikSMS

SMS App for Salesforce - GirikSMS

GirikSMS is built natively in the Salesforce platform, which makes it the Salesforce SMS App of choice for businesses to leverage organizational data to connect with customers, leads, and prospects via real-time text conversations.

With GirikSMS, businesses can build bigger sales pipelines in a quick, easy, and viable way. Now you can harness the power of text messaging in a fresh and engaging way to improve engagement efficiency in no time.

How is GirikSMS for Salesforce Unique?

In the market flooded with a zillion SMS apps, GirikSMS stands out for its ease of use, along with a suite of automation and out-of-the-box features. Whether it is auto-triggered, rule-based messages, auto-reply messages, or a Salesforce chatbot to augment customer support, our solution helps businesses of all sizes in several ways. Some of them are:

Sending Text Alerts

Make your customers and employees aware of updates, emergency announcements, outages, and other notifications with the SMS scheduling feature of GirikSMS.

Announcements and Surveys

Leverage our BulkSMS feature to broadcast your announcements to thousands instantly. And with the 2-way texting functionality with a Salesforce chatbot, you can conduct surveys and solicit feedback from customers.

24/7 Customer Support

Providing faster customer support 24/7 is a game changer to leapfrog the competition. Use GirikSMS’s 2-way text messaging feature to facilitate human-like conversations to engage customers.

Staff Scheduling in Seconds

With our SMS App for Salesforce, send periodic schedules to your employees and update them about any urgent schedule modifications or cancellations.

Invoice Reminders

Mitigate the risk of payment delays impacting your cash flows. With a native Salesforce integration, send timely invoice reminders and payment alerts.

SMS Marketing on the Go

Boost your brand value by sending tailored alerts on new deals and offers to customers.

Why GirikSMS Salesforce SMS App?

The GirikSMS App for Salesforce is a game-changing solution for businesses that allows them to curate tailored user experiences. With GirikSMS, you can interact with anyone, anytime and improve engagement rates. Here are some features of GirikSMS that you should know about.

SMS Automation: Now you can send texts to hundreds of thousands of recipients instantly. This feature can be set up easily using the Process Builder or by using Apex Triggers.

One-to-One SMS: Connect customers, partners, and employees at a personal level with tailored conversations to understand them better.

Bulk SMS: Whether it's a notification, a promotion, or an offer, with the bulk SMS feature, you can use the bulk text feature to send tailored messages to your entire recipient base.

Conversation View: View all customer conversations with a single click.

SMS Reports: Track outbound and inbound messages over an interval.

Scheduled SMS: Want to send a new product launch message or send automated appointment reminders? With the Scheduled SMS feature, you can eliminate human intervention and pre-schedule outbound text messages at scale.

Incoming SMS: Interpret incoming messages, qualify leads, and facilitate the sales process.

Auto reply: Auto-reply to incoming texts to personalize communication and increase engagement.

GirikSMS Integrates with Salesforce CRM

By integrating GirikSMS with Salesforce, organizations can transform the way they operate. With this integration, you can send and receive texts directly from your Salesforce console, thereby boosting productivity. Our solution’s Salesforce SMS Integration is a powerful tool that can empower sales, marketing, and support teams to generate more leads and grow revenue. GirikSMS gives a distinct competitive advantage to sales teams by helping them grow their sales pipeline. The combination of SMS and Salesforce is a potent one and allows your staff to send and receive text messages without doing anything. They can update customer records, qualify leads, and close deals all on a single platform, thereby boosting their productivity and efficiency. Customers also benefit from faster response times and sales reps have access to conversational histories in a single click, giving them the latest insights into their sales pipeline.

Multiple Ways of Utilizing GirikSMS for Salesforce

Maximize the potential of text messaging in multiple ways. Grappling with no-shows? No sweat! With GirikSMS’s user friendly point-and-click interface, organizations can reduce no-shows by customers as well as employees and increase adherence by automating appointment, meeting, and deadline reminders. This will not only improve operational efficiency but also save you time, resources, and man-hours that are like gold dust.

Text messaging is a very effective non-intrusive way to follow up on missed calls. Customers can be provided with the option to suggest a convenient time for a callback. GirikSMS-powered SMS marketing is a reliable, quick, and cost-effective way to reach out to prospects and customers and boost sales by leveraging CRM data to launch tailored marketing campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences.

Text-based personalized communication is a powerful method to build lasting customer relationships. They are non-intrusive, personal, and convenient.

Finally, prompt responses to customer questions can significantly boost your customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and ensure they keep coming back. With GirikSMS, you can provide quick replies to customer queries to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Benefits of Using a GirikSMS Salesforce SMS App

Manage multiple leads Immediately: GirikSMS provides several benefits to improve your sales and customer communication. It gives sales teams single window access to manage multiple leads across multiple channels. This facilitates quick and hassle-free communication with leads and prospects. With GirikSMS, you can setup automation of mundane tasks such as sending reminders and follow-up material easily with a point-and-click interface, which frees up time for more personalized interactions.

Increase response rate: SMS texts have a read rate of 98% and a response rate upwards of 42%, something that email can never achieve. Conversation logs are stored at a single location, so sales reps can easily monitor interaction history allowing them to provide quick responses to customers' questions.

Start Using GirikSMS

Now that you know about the benefits of Salesforce SMS integration, you are ready to get off the blocks. The first step is to compose a new message in GirikSMS and select the phone number of the recipient.

The text will be delivered to the recipient. You can also reply to incoming SMSs from Salesforce itself, giving you a convenient way to stay in touch with your audience.

Additionally, with GirikSMS Salesforce integration, you can unlock the value of all key features in Salesforce such as automation and tracking.

How to Use Salesforce SMS Integration Effectively

Now that you know how GirikSMS Salesforce App, here are some tips to use it effectively.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Text messages have a character limit of 160, so it’s important to keep your messages concise and precise. Drive home the point quickly and avoid any unnecessary words.

Use Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action is the key element of your text message. Ensure that it's strong, and persuasive and clearly state what you want the recipient to do. For instance, if you’re offering a discount on a product that the recipient might be interested in based on his past purchases, include a call-to-action like “Click here to receive a 20% discount code for your next purchase”.

Segment Your Contacts

One of the great things about GirikSMS integration with Salesforce is that you can segment your contacts in your CRM enabling you to send relevant, tailored messages to your audience which drives conversion. As an example, you can segment your contacts by age, location, or interests.

Why Use SMS in my business?

If you are a Salesforce customer and are not using SMS text messaging for your business, you’re missing out on a powerful engagement tool. Our experts have picked three reasons why SMS messaging from Salesforce is so effective:

SMS Has a High Open Rate

One of the biggest advantages of texting is its extremely high open rate. With a read rate of 98%, their effectiveness is way above that of email which stands at a mere 20%. This means that your customers are more likely to know about you via text rather than email and therefore more likely to respond to call to action.

SMS Is Instantaneous

Texting is instantaneous. SMS messages are typically read within 10 minutes while emails can sometimes take hours or even days to be opened. This makes SMS messaging an apt choice for time-sensitive communication.

SMS Is Personal

Texting is personal and non-intrusive. Recipients can respond to text messages at their convenience which allows you to foster a more intimate relationship with your audience that goes beyond just business.

Nurture Relationships

String customer relationships are the key to a successful business. And SMS messaging is one of the best and most convenient ways to achieve that.

Text messages are personal and intimate, enabling you to foster deeper relationships with your customers that go beyond business. You can leverage SMS texting to update them on new offers, offer exclusive tailored deals, send reminders, and solicit feedback. By making them feel valued you can convert them into lifelong brand ambassadors.

Overall, integrating GirikSMS with your Salesforce CRM to streamline business communication can help your sales reps close deals faster.

Girikon is a certified Salesforce Implementation Partner offering tailored solutions to meet your businesses’ unique needs.

We offer a full spectrum of services including Salesforce implementation, customization, and support. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about how we can help your business leverage text messaging to improve customer communication and grow revenues.