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Streamlining Communication: How GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbot Benefits Businesses Across Industries

Streamlining Communication: How GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbot Benefits Businesses Across Industries

Streamlining Communication: How GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbot Benefits Businesses Across Industries

If you are one of those who buy products or services online, you've likely engaged with a chatbot in the past month without realizing it. As more businesses tap into the disruptive technology of conversational AI, the usage of Chatbots is on the rise. In fact, Survey Monkey research indicates that only 38% of customers prefer to talk with a human agent when engaging with a business. This opens a multitude of opportunities to get answers that don’t involve human conversation.

With GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots, powered by unified, harmonized data on the world’s leading CRM platform, you can reimagine the world of customer interaction and take it to the front line.

Here are the top 14 benefits of GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbot for businesses:

GirikSMS Chatbots are powered by AI and provide several benefits for businesses across industries.

1. Provide fast, 24/7 customer service

Customers want quick and accurate service, even during peak hours. GirikSMS Chatbots never sleep or rest and don’t take holidays. They eliminate wait times with instant availability and provide 24/7 support on any channel, even when agents are unavailable.

2. Deliver personalized experiences

GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots can leverage CRM data to deliver personalized experiences.

  • Adapt messaging corresponding to the stage of the customer journey.
  • Recommend products or services based on customer data and preferences.
  • Offer deals and promotions based on past purchase history.
  • Provide automated order status and tracking.

3. Provide consistent support

Customers rarely interact with the same support agent twice. Consequently, there may be inconsistencies in the customer experience because the level of expertise and training varies with each agent. GirikSMS Chatbots for Salesforce work on pre-established frameworks and serve up answers from a unified source of data to deliver consistent customer service experiences.

4. Offer self-service options

GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots can provide self-service options to customers with interactive menus so that they can resolve basic issues on their own whenever convenient. For instance, GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots can direct customers to FAQ pages or help articles or serve them up right within the conversation. They can also serve up information from an existing knowledge base to answer common customer questions. GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots learn from every interaction and keep getting better over time.

5. Provide proactive customer service

While GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots can proactively engage with customers to resolve basic issues, they also recognize when an agent handover is appropriate and proactively assess customer intent if they wish to connect with a support agent to resolve their concerns.

6. Deliver omnichannel support

Today’s customers engage across multiple digital channels such as email, social media, web, and messaging apps to interact with brands. They expect connected conversational journeys across channels and devices, from right where they left off.

With GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots, you can connect your email, website, Slack, and messaging to deliver a seamless connected experience.

7. Collect customer feedback

GirikSMS Chatbot for Salesforce can be programmed to solicit customer feedback after every interaction. And to encourage feedback, GirikSMS Chatbots can offer intelligent deals and discounts for survey participation. Businesses can analyze chatbot conversations and survey responses to identify commonly asked questions, and popular products and improve the customer experience with every interaction.

8. Improve customer engagement

Not just AI-powered customer service, GirikSMS Chatbots can also improve customer engagement in the following ways:

  • Send automated messages for order status and tracking, payment issues, subscription renewals, bill payments, and much more.
  • Collect customer feedback after the resolution of a case.
  • Engage in seamless, connected conversational journeys across channels.
  • Send appointment reminders and confirmations.
  • Leverage CRM data to offer deals and promotions for cross-selling and up-selling.

GirikSMS Chatbots can prompt customers about products or services they might be interested in based on their past purchases and interaction history. With embedded interactive menus, forms, and rich text, GirikSMS Chatbots for Salesforce can deepen customer engagement.

9. Streamline service with intelligent routing

GirikSMS Chatbots for Salesforce can collect important information from customers at the start of an interaction and intelligently route the conversation to the most appropriate agent based on expertise, experience, availability, and case priority. Seamless case routing by GirikSMS Chatbots can help streamline customer service, save agent time, and improve the customer experience.

10. Boost sales

Salesforce customers can use GirikSMS Chatbots to do routine sales tasks such as collecting information and qualifying leads, scheduling product demos, and serving up additional product details.

GirikSMS Chatbots can interact with potential customers with proactive communication by answering questions and educating them about your brand’s products and services. They can help:

  • Decrease the bounce rate
  • Boost conversion
  • Re-engage abandoned shopping carts
  • Automate cross-selling and upselling

11. Increase lead generation

GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots leverage customer data, machine learning, and natural language processing to recognize customer intent to engage in conversations with customers. Data from these interactions can then be analyzed to gather customer insights and trends for targeted marketing campaigns.

12. Enhance conversational marketing

GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots can be deployed across channels to influence customers wherever they are. As an example, brands can deploy GirikSMS bots on their e-commerce stores to act as virtual assistants to answer product related questions and offer proactive deals and promotions to nudge them to make a purchase.

13. Improve agent training and onboarding

Salesforce customers can also use GirikSMS Chatbots to onboard new agents and provide guidance throughout the training process. Bots enable self-learning for new hires and leverage AI to serve up relevant help articles to accelerate learning.

14. Reduce business costs

In today's highly competitive world, businesses need to deliver more value while keeping their costs in check. GirikSMS Chatbots can handle simple tasks and re-route cases. This allows you to scale your customer service operations quickly without having to recruit more agents.

GirikSMS’s code-less bot builder allows you to get started with chatbot conversations within minutes giving you a faster return on investment.


At Girikon, we understand that you want to scale your customer service operations without spending proportionately to hire new agents.

If your customer service queue is often choked with simple requests, it’s time to re-imagine your customer service. GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots will seamlessly resolve these common, low-level cases leading to faster customer support and higher customer satisfaction.

Ready to experience the benefits of GirikSMS Salesforce Chatbots? Sign up for a Free 14-day trial today and see how our solution takes your customer experience to a whole new level.