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The Future of AI Chatbot with GirikSMS Chatbot

The Future of AI Chatbot with GirikSMS Chatbot

The Future of AI Chatbot with GirikSMS Chatbot

Businesses are re-imagining customer interactions by leveraging AI chatbots. Whether it is handling customer queries, providing real-time customer support, or offering personalized product recommendations, businesses of all sizes are embracing this technological innovation to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

GirikSMS Chatbot, developed by Girikon, is backed by over 100 man years of experience as a Salesforce Development Partner. In this article compiled by our CRM and AI experts, we talk about 10 global trends centered around chatbots.

Expected Chatbot Trends in 2024 And Beyond

Better use of Machine Learning

AI Chatbots leverage customer interactions and training data to learn and get better over time and at the heart of AI chatbots are Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs have access to, the better the efficiency and efficacy of chatbot interactions. GirikSMS Chatbot can be integrated seamlessly with your CRM and embedded into your workflows to deliver personalized customer experiences. Over time, businesses will see chatbots being embedded into every department's work processes to boost employee productivity and drive efficiency across the organization.

Human-like chatbots

As technology evolves, the adoption of chatbots is not just limited to customer service organizations but is being adopted by all types of businesses. Going forward, chatbots are expected to be an integral part of businesses across industries because of their ability to provide 24/7 human-like customer support.

GirikSMS Salesforce chatbot don’t just draw upon predefined answers or scripts. These virtual assistants leverage natural language processing capabilities to mimic human interaction. With the rise in customer expectations and the pressing need for automation of business processes, a revolution in the adoption of AI-powered digital assistants is not too far away. Industry research indicates that by 2026, the investment in conversational AI assistants will cross $18 billion. This trend is likely to continue as new models come up and more and more data is available to AI chatbots making them smarter with every interaction.

Advantageous virtual assistance

Chatbots are transforming the way companies interact with their customers. Chatbots are a convenient way to interact with customers at scale and enable businesses to automate specific aspects of customer service by integrating with your CRM and leveraging data to drive efficiency in your workflows.

GirikSMS Chatbot comes with out-of-the-box Salesforce integration which allows Salesforce customers to automate service interactions and go live in a matter of days. Businesses can now take advantage of improved productivity, reduce costs, and deploy AI quickly to take their customer service to the next level.

AI chatbots are getting smarter

Keeping pace with the rapid advances in technology, engineering and development teams are working overtime to continuously refine their AI models to bridge the gap between humans and machines. AI models can understand natural language prompts, recognize sentiment and context to engage in human-like conversations with customers. As these models get trained on more data and learn from every interaction, AI chatbots can only get better in providing more accurate and relevant responses to customer inquiries.

Augmenting and automating business processes

AI powered process automation is already a reality today. With their ability to understand common language, AI chatbots can understand written instructions and create automated flows on the fly. Whether it is processing orders, answering queries, offering intelligent product recommendations, tracking shipments, and offering post-purchase service, AI can do all of this and much more without any human intervention. Chatbots will become a norm in multiple use cases across departments and functions such as talent acquisition, financial advice, healthcare adherence, asset management, and much more. The demand for AI chatbots to align with business goals is only going to rise.

Voice-based apps

The use of digital voice assistants has been rising steadily with the surge in the usage of smart home devices. With the meteoric rise in OTT platforms, smart TVs will have a big role to play in showcasing the power of voice-assisted AI. More and more people will benefit from AI-assisted viewing, creating a level playing field for service providers. It shows is possible when cutting-edge technology is available to us at the press of a button.

Automated Payments

Chatbot technology has gone through accelerated evolution in the last year or so and business leaders predict that AI chatbots will become an integral of our daily lives in the days ahead. We all transact with brands to buy products and services and use our devices to transact. Whether it is insurance services, banking services, healthcare services, asset management, or product/service subscriptions, many kinds of routine financial transactions can be automated using AI chatbots.

AI chatbots provide 24/7 support to customers allowing them to pay at their own convenience. Chatbots are a great way for global businesses that need cost-effective and efficient payment systems to offer enhanced customer experiences to their global audience.

Chatbots for HR

Talent acquisition and employee skill development is another area where our experts believe AI Chatbots will play a big role. As companies, regardless of size, must stay current on new laws and regulations, there is an imminent need for uniformity and accuracy in HR processes. With AI Chatbots you can automate employee onboarding, streamline training and skill augmentation, help employees with quick answers to commonly asked questions, manage leave requests, manage shifts, and provide relevant and accurate information quickly.

With GirikSMS Chatbot for HR, you can go live in a matter of days. Our solutions are easy to unbox, can integrate with your existing HR systems and CRM, and come with an intuitive click-and-drag interface. While chatbots may not completely replace your HR department, they can certainly improve its efficiency and help you get your new recruits up to speed much faster than ever.

Integration with social media

This application of chatbots is witnessing rapid growth. Integration of AI chatbots with popular social media platforms and apps will allow brands to create more engaging customer experiences. They can offer 24/7 customer support, respond to questions quickly, collect feedback, and offer intelligent product recommendations.

AI is a classic example of technology closing the gap between start-ups and the big boys. AI levels the playing field allowing enterprises of all sizes to leverage this emerging tech to facilitate seamless customer interactions with hyper-personalization. As learning models evolve, in the not too distant future, we will see literally see the rise of the machine - AI chatbots with advanced problem-solving capabilities and emotional intelligence as indispensable tools for delivering exceptional customer experiences.