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Top 8 Salesforce SMS Apps to Look Out for in 2024

Top 8 Salesforce SMS Apps to Look Out for in 2024

Top 8 Salesforce SMS Apps to Look Out for in 2024

The key to business success and growth lies in effective communication. Technological advancements have introduced a variety of communication channels that organizations utilize to manage their interactions. Nevertheless, enterprises still encounter the challenge of having their emails and calls overlooked by potential clients. However, text messaging continues to be a preferred mode of business communication with a read rate of 98% as compared to emails and other channels.

Consequently, businesses should make the most of the SMS channel if they are looking forward to a seamless communication while improving business outreach. While an SMS App is a highly effective mode of communication, its interface isn’t intuitive enough to meet the growing demands of a business. This calls the need for a robust CRM-integrated SMS App that can take business communication a notch higher. Listed below are some of best texting solutions:

1. GirikSMSApp: Built Natively on the Salesforce platform, the GirikSMS app is a Salesforce SMS App with numerous capabilities. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), the company has presence across India and Australia. Released in July 2017, the App finds application across different industry verticals such as:

  • Education: With GirikSMS App, educational institutes will be able to improve engagement with prospective students through faster exchange of messages and by upscaling personalized response capabilities to manage student requests.
  • Finance: The App can be leveraged by financial institutes to improve client engagement and build better relationships with them through conversational messaging.
  • Non-profits: The App helps NGO’s to communicate seamlessly with their donors, and volunteers by using SMS for fundraising, volunteer management, event promotion, and donor relations.
  • Healthcare: The App can be leveraged by Salesforce Healthcare professionals to communicate with patients, service and product customers to improve patient care, relationships with new and existing customers.

Channels Supported: The platform supports several pre-integrated channels of communication, including but not limited to SMS, MMS, WhatsApp but also gives ability to chat to website visitors. Users can utilize this versatile platform to send messages through SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Web Chat and Chatbot.

WhatsApp Integration: The application integrates with WhatsApp, which empowers users to exchange SMS messages with their contacts via WhatsApp, doing away with the need to switch between different messaging apps.

Unified Messaging - WhatsApp, SMS and Web Chat: Use chatbots within a SMS app for enhancing customer support efficiency on both SMS, WhatsApp and Web Chat platform. Chatbots enable proactive communication thereby fostering higher level of engagement with the users. By automating responses, this chatbot integrated App provide round-the-clock availability, by addressing customer queries and concerns at any point of time. In fact, most of the business scenarios can be automated by this bot powered App by identifying a contact, updating and creating a contact or accessing records in Salesforce. In a nutshell, it is a budget-friendly solution enabling businesses to offer around-the-clock customer support without human intervention.

Support Multiple Bots: GirikSMS App integrates and interacts with several chatbots at the same time for different purposes such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Utility. This offers the required flexibility and customization for users.

Powered by ChatGPT: With GirikSMS App, users can leverage the power of in-built ChatGPT's suggestions eliminating the need to write chat replies from scratch. The ChatGpt empowered SMS chatbot interacts with prospects and customers to provide instant and personalized resolutions to customer issues at any time. This one of a kind App can help sales team close more deals and boost ROI.

Effortless Multi-Conversation Management: Equip your agents with our cutting-edge 'Multiple Conversation View' to handle multiple customer interactions, enhancing efficiency and reducing response time simultaneously.

All-In-One Inbox: Are you still dealing with the hassle of switching between tabs or apps? The GirikSMS App 'All Inbox' functionality consolidates discussions from SMS, WhatsApp, and Web Chat into a unified view. This streamlined approach makes it easier to address customer queries, ensuring that no message is overlooked.

Chatbots for Every Need: Enhance your customer service by using our diverse selection of specialized Chatbots, designed for Service, Marketing, and Support purposes. It’s possible to customize an unlimited number of Chatbots to seamlessly align with the specific needs of a business, whether it’s about aiding in lead generation, case management, or active participation in marketing initiatives.

  • Service Chatbot, Marketing Chatbot, Support Chatbot
  • Actionable Chat Bot like Bot to Lead, Bot to Case
  • Unlimited number of Chatbot

Optimized Chatbot Integration: GirikSMS chatbots are designed to integrate seamlessly across various channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Web Chat. The flexible configuration aligns with the communication strategies of businesses, ensuring a uniform and smooth interaction experience across all touchpoints.

  • Bot to Case - Instantly generate tickets from customer chat inquiries in real-time, enabling agents to respond promptly.
  • Bot to Lead - Swiftly create leads in real-time from customer chat inquiries, empowering agents to respond promptly.

Innovative Drip Campaigns: Efficiently connect with customers through precisely tailored and personalized messaging campaigns. The drip campaign tool guarantees that message reaches the intended recipient at the right moment.

Real-Time Alerts and Reminders: Empower your agents to stay ahead with instant notifications and the option to schedule reminders. This functionality assures prompt follow-ups, ultimately elevating customer satisfaction.

Powered by ChatGPT (Enabled on Demand): Enhance your messaging using the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT. Explore upgraded features below, leveraging the latest advancements in GPT technology.

  • AI-driven Auto Suggestions
  • AI-driven Agent Copilot
  • In-depth conversation analysis

Control Your SMS Gateway: Reduce expenses without compromising on quality. The App empowers users to oversee their own SMS gateway, giving them the flexibility to pay solely for the services they utilized through their preferred SMS provider.

Bulk messaging: The GirikSMS App facilitates the sending of large volumes of messages, providing a robust SMS solution for users to send bulk SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages. Using customizable List Views and campaigns, it enables users to target audiences of different sizes. This advanced feature allows connectivity with millions at once directly from reports, streamlining tasks and reducing redundancy. Moreover, this App enables users to send both single and bulk SMS from any Standard or Custom Salesforce object, facilitating the efficient delivery of messages to large audiences through bulk SMS from reports.

Survey through SMS: The survey functionality of this App helps in conducting surveys to gather valuable insights from the audience. These insights could be leveraged by organizations to provide superior service to their customers.

Reply Directly from Email: This feature allows users to respond to SMS messages received on their mobile phone through their email. This functionality proves beneficial for users who favor typing on a physical keyboard, face limited accessibility to their mobile device, or need to handle their SMS messages within their email workflow.

Compliance: The app prioritizes privacy through its design and empowers users to tailor their preferences, allowing them to opt in or out as per their preferences by incorporating custom fields. This ensures users are well-prepared for forthcoming texting rules and regulations thereby enabling compliant messaging.

Besides GirikSMS App, there are 7 other Salesforce texting Apps that are worth considering.

2. SMS Magic: SMS Magic, established in 2012, functions as a worldwide messaging platform. It is integrated with leading CRM systems like Salesforce. With a clientele spanning 190 countries, the company has established a presence in the US, UK, and Australia. Serving a diverse range of industries, SMS Magic places emphasis on finance and education as its primary focus areas.

3. 360 SMS App: Founded in 2012, 360 SMS is based in California, USA. The company offers a one stop text messaging solution for Salesforce. The company caters to clientele across various industries specifically education, Finance, Real estate, Engineering, Nonprofits, and more.

4. Mogli: Mogli is an US based company that has helped businesses transform communications with its robust Salesforce SMS App. The company was set-up in 2011.

5. Twilio: Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Twilio was founded in 2008. It primarily caters to industries such as Non-profits and Communications.

6. Blackthorn Messaging: Based in New York, USA, the company was founded in 2015 and builds Salesforce-native texting apps for better customer engagement.

7. ValueText: The company is a global messaging provider and has been a part of a global CPaaS company (Sinch) since 2021. The company was set up in 2015.

8. Avochato: Avochato - based in California, USA, is an enterprise mobile messaging company. It was founded in 2016.

Quick Wrap-up:

Salesforce does not support in-built messaging. However, by Salesforce SMS integration, it is possible to enhance the functionalities of your CRM and initiate text messaging. Today, text messaging has become a business necessity as businesses look for a prompt, user-friendly, and scalable means of communication with diverse audiences. With such handy information about top-performing messaging apps and solutions, users can easily find the solution that meets their requirements without investing significant amount of time and effort. Moreover, users can evaluate various solutions, which enables them to make informed decisions and select the optimal solution for their business