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What is Salesforce Live Message and What are its Benefits

What is Salesforce Live Message and What are its Benefits

What is Salesforce Live Message and What are its Benefits

The Salesforce Messaging app LiveMessage brings conversation-based service directly to your customers at the time when they need it on the device of their choice and on the messaging app of their choice. With LiveMessage, you can use bots to power conversations and automate service. Customers can also directly connect with a service agent to get instant assistance. Agents can access additional information on customers ranging from CRM data to conversation history and reply directly from the service cloud lightning console. Now they can provide intelligent answers fast. LiveMessage also augments agent productivity by empowering them to handle multiple conversations concurrently. And customers can easily engage in service conversations not transactions since they use the messaging app of their choice. LiveMessage empowers you to deliver an instant personalised service experience to your customers.

Here are 3 ways in which you can deliver engaging, personalized service with LiveMessage

Assist customers anytime through any messaging app.

Agents can easily connect with your customers at any time using chat. Use the preferred messaging app of your customers like Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS. Moreover, you can add chatbots to textual chats to automate regular asks.

Deliver conversational service from one place.

Be there for customers whenever they need you with mobile messaging. Agents can have instant access to the information they need to address customer support needs from within the Service Cloud Console and send messages.

Lower service costs and drive up ROI.

Agents can handle multiple text conversations at once, with all the information and intelligence they need and deliver an splendid customer experience every time, thereby boosting their productivity.

The age of the connected customer is here. Your customers live in an instant, mobile world, where ultrafast service is the price of entry, and personalization rules. They’re connecting on more channels than most companies ever dreamed of, and they’re changing to new favorites every day. With customers using multiple channels to interact with brands they do business with, the key question is whether you can deliver service on the channel or device they’re on right now.

In fact, customers are so accustomed to seamlessly switching channels to suit their needs and preferences, they expect your service team to do the same. Whether it’s retail, financial services, healthcare, or anything in between, customers expect a consistent experience, anywhere and every time they connect with your company.

Why are companies hesitant to unlock all digital channels?

New channels mean more interactions.

Most companies today only have traditional service channels such as phone and email — and with those they are still evolving their strategy to meet customer needs and deliver exceptional experiences. And once businesses go digital, they face a lot of unknowns, making them reluctant to add additional on top of what they already have. Many fear a sudden increase in case volume, additional training, or a slow in employee productivity and happiness due to an increase in channel management.

Companies are unable to scale service.

Automation is changing your customers’ expectations of how you provide service. The benefits of AI are not only to provide more efficient service experiences, but to assist agents in delivering more personalized experiences at scale. Most companies know that AI, and chatbots specifically, are a required element to scale service and meet customer expectations. At the same time, most companies don’t know where to start.

Companies fear an inconsistent customer experience.

Understandably, companies are concerned that switching over to a digital model might make for a less consistent customer experience. They fear that the addition of more channels will create more chair swivel for employees and agents, resulting in longer hold times, redundancies, and a siloed user experience from one channel to the next.

Digital Engagement: One conversational platform to every digital interaction.

Digital Engagement from Service Cloud allows businesses to deliver personalized 1-to-1 conversations with customers on the channel of their preference. From messaging apps such as SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp to web chat, companies are able to provide consistent service across channels, and do so more efficiently with automation such as chatbots. Digital Engagement is intrinsic to Salesforce, which means your agents can have a 360-degree view of every customer across channels, thus eliminating the need to switch screens. Now you can deliver the kind of seamless service that your customers have come to expect while allowing your agents to be more productive.

Provide personalized, consistent service across all digital channels.

Fifty-two percent of customers would switch away from brands that don’t personalize communications. With Digital Engagement, optimize your service channel engagement to meet your customers with the right channel at the right time, including messaging and chat. Then take the experience one step further by enhancing and automating every interaction with Einstein Bots to resolve issues more efficiently with intelligence. Easily resolve key customer issues with Einstein Bots. Take your first steps with AI by using Einstein Bots to automate common questions or routine interactions across digital channels. Because Einstein Bots are native to the platform, you have the flexibility to build the experience and quickly deploy it across digital channels, including chat on your website or in-app, SMS, and WhatsApp. While Einstein Bot can resolve some tasks directly with your customers, in more complex cases, Einstein Bots can gather more information from your customer and handover the case to a relevant agent. All this means reducing average case-handling time, improving case resolution on first-contact, and engaging with customers effectively to find answers to their queries fast.

Say goodbye to screen swapping and welcome productive, happier agents.

With omni-channel routing, conversations from multiple channels are effortlessly routed to the relevant available agent. This allows agents to handle cases more efficiently, switching between multiple concurrent conversations as against one phone call, because of the asynchronous nature of digital interaction. All the data and information the agent needs can be accessed in one screen on the Lightning Service Console, allowing agents to spend less time searching for answers and more time engaging with customers which translates to a better experience. And Trailhead will help maintain that efficiency by keeping your agents up to speed on the dynamic digital landscape.

Get started with Digital Engagement.

Digital Engagement allows you to connect all channels and your existing CRM data seamlessly, eliminating redundant silos. With Digital Engagement, you can engage multiple channels concurrently so you can deliver a consistent, stunning customer experience no matter where they are. Best of all, once your agents are trained on one channel, they can manage all channels. With the Service Cloud Lightning Console, agents can handle multiple conversations seamlessly across channels. But even though Digital Engagement makes it easy to get started, it’s important to first understand your customers’ needs, and how customers are already interacting with your business.

Determine where your customers are.

Establish where your customers are and how they interact with your brand. How are they coming to you for support? Are they using smartphone of laptops? And then rank them from highest to lowest depending on the devices they use.

Meet your customers there.

The traffic you attract across each device will help you establish what to focus your efforts on. For instance, does your website attract high traffic from mobile devices? In that case, add a button to your mobile browser allowing customers to message with your company on channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. High web traffic via desktop? Look to add real-time chat.

Once you identify your channels, scale support with Einstein Bots.

Start by defining the top use cases across your channels (messaging, web chat, social, and so on) and identify your most frequently asked questions. Are customers showing preference for a particular channel when it comes to certain questions? Overall, consider how your chatbot can best assist you with cases, whether it’s handling the case in full or gathering information upfront for the customer service employee.

Here are some of the key benefits of Salesforce LiveMessage, the SMS app for Salesforce.

Multiple Chat Windows

Agents can handle multiple conversations concurrently right from the Service Cloud Console. This allows agents to resolver cases with faster response times and thereby be more productive. Salesforce LiveMessage boosts ROI and lowers service costs, compared to traditional customer service methods of phone and email.


LiveMessage comes integrated with chatbots allowing you to automate responses to customer queries. This allows you to deliver an enhanced customer engagement experience owing to faster and intelligent responses. Chatbots can provide automate replies to routine questions that customers often ask, thereby freeing up your agents to focus on more important customer issues. Now you can drastically trim time spent on repetitive questions.

Click-to-text Capability

Now you can generate more leads from your website. When prospects are going through your website, they can reach you faster and more conveniently by utilising the two-way click-to-text feature. This helps you to deliver a greater customer experience and drive up lead generation.

Push Notifications

LiveMessage comes with push notifications. Now you can ensure that none of your customers ignored.

Conversation History

Agents can easily access entire conversation history with returning customers faster than ever. Once your agents know what products or services your customers prefer, and what has been the context of their interaction with your business, they can initiate a more engaging and personalised service conversation with them. This makes customers feel that you understand them and will consequently be more inclined to return and make a purchase.

Customer Feedback

A customer feedback system is critical for evolution. It helps you assess and understand the weak areas of your business. It also helps you identify your strengths that you can buikld on further to consolidate your position in the market and establish your uniqueness.

LiveMessage, the Salesforce messaging app empowers your agents to be more productive. They can now deliver personalized, intelligent, conversational service to multiple customers concurrently with faster response times.

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