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Boost Your Sales and Marketing Activities with an SMS Integrated CRM

Boost Your Sales and Marketing Activities with an SMS Integrated CRM

Boost Your Sales and Marketing Activities with an SMS Integrated CRM

The significance of seamless communication and building a superior relationship with the target customers can no longer be denied. To build such a type of relationship, it is important to have a robust CRM (customer relationship management) platform with the provision for SMS integration. One such robust CRM system that allows integration of SMS app to provide users with more advanced features is the cloud-based CRM ‘Salesforce’.

While text messaging is already a powerful tool with an impressive open rate of 98% and an average response time of 90 percent, a robust CRM with an integrated SMS app is certainly a powerful addition to a business. Such a system will allow teams to use existing contacts and reach them quickly and in an automated yet personalized way.

Consequently, organizations can expect more texts to be opened and responded to by their customers. Customers too will enjoy higher levels of satisfaction, as they get to use their preferred channel that provides them a personal touch. Besides the advantage of sending bulk SMS, personalized messages, scheduling of texts, and more, integrating text messaging in a CRM ensures repeat sales, which is the ultimate goal of any business.

GirikSMS App is a robust text messaging app that is built natively on the Salesforce platform and allows users to send SMS from Salesforce and have seamless communication with their prospects and customers. Let’s understand how this amazing app can help organizations boost their sales and revenue:

Improved Customer service: Forwar- looking organizations are leveraging CRM integrated text messaging apps in their day-to-day workflows for streamlining systems. For instance, service agents can set-up automation for sending text messages after the trigger is set. Agents can use their Salesforce messaging app to send survey requests once a ticket is closed.

Sales closeouts: Building strong customer relationships is the key to securing or closing a deal. By integrating SMS within their Salesforce CRM, organizations can identify customers who require being re-engaged. For example, when a sales rep conducts a meeting with their customer online they can automatically send a text message along with a link to plan a follow-up.

Outreach campaigns: A CRM integrated text messaging app like the GirikSMS App can be leveraged to initiate outreach campaigns. By having customer details (their purchasing history and personal data) at their disposal, marketers can engage customers by sending them relevant details regarding the product, ongoing offers, discounts, or upcoming events.

Quick Wrap-up: These are some of the benefits of using a texting app that is integrated into a CRM. So, if you too are looking for Salesforce SMS integration, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with a reliable Salesforce integration partner.