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GirikSMS App

GirikSMS App: Helping Organizations Communicate Effectively with their Customers

GirikSMS App: Helping Organizations Communicate Effectively with their Customers

GirikSMS App: Helping Organizations Communicate Effectively with their Customers

Text-messaging or SMS (Short Messaging Service) has always been a preferred mode of communication for businesses. This is primarily because of the greater penetration effect, greater customer reach, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly its non-reliance on the internet. While there is no dearth of internet-based apps, SMS continues to be used by organizations as an efficient tool for managing their business operations.

Today, with the advancement in technology, organizations are leveraging CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to streamline business processes and manage their customer relationships. Cloud-based CRM systems such as Salesforce besides offering a wide array of features and functionalities also allow for the integration of several apps to make them more robust. One such Salesforce SMS App is the GirikSMS App, which when integrated with the CRM platform can be leveraged by organizations to personalize their communications, streamlining workflows, while enhancing their customer service.

Designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, this one-stop messaging app works equally well in the classic, as well as the Lightning platform without the need for any additional configuration. Endowed with outstanding features such as trouble-free sending of bulk and individual SMS es, scheduled sending of SMS es campaigns, SMS Workflow Configuration, etc., this robust app has helped organizations gain the trust of their customers.

This robust texting app besides being endowed with excellent features is user-friendly that has empowered sales reps to engage with customers efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that can be leveraged by making use of this app:

  • Once the initial level of calls are made, the sales reps are empowered to follow up with the leads
  • It becomes easy to stay in touch with the top Accounts by making use of this app
  • Bulk messaging can be done in batches for promoting the product, and services of an organization.
  • Contacts can receive updates about a case they have recently opened.
  • Since the sending of SMS es can be scheduled on a desired date and time, no manual intervention by sales reps is required.
  • Basis the incoming messages, reports can be created. For example, when someone new messages, cases, or leads get created.

Quick Wrap-up: The installation of the GirikSMS App is simple as it can be downloaded from Salesforce App Exchange and requires filling up of some fields and approving that the associated application has authorizations to access the right fields. The app is one of the best SMS app for Salesforce due to its unique features, which organizations can leverage to connect with their customers efficiently.