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Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Ensure Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Ensure Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Leverage Salesforce SMS App to Ensure Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Campaigns using text messaging are among the verified strategies that help businesses gain traction. Text messaging has become an extremely effective way of business communication. With a read rate of 98% and amazingly high conversion rates, text messaging has become one of the most effective channels of engagement that companies leverage to communicate with their customers.

Though there is no denying that text messaging is an extremely powerful way of business communication. However, the interface of the SMS App used for sending messages isn’t intuitive enough to meet the evolving needs of businesses. However, when this App is integrated with a robust CRM like Salesforce its effectiveness increases manifolds.

GirikSMS App is one such messaging App that is native to Salesforce and is endowed with several advanced features that can take your business communication to a new level. This one-stop Salesforce texting app empowers users to connect with their customers and partners in the most effective way. This Salesforce SMS App works equally well with both Salesforce Classic, as well as a lightning platform without the need for additional configuration.

Listed below are some of the important features of this App:

  • Lightning Ready: The robust App runs equally fine on the Salesforce classic, as well as the Lightning platform.
  • Single and Bulk SMS: It is possible to send SMSes and MMSes individually, as well as in bulk in a batch of 200 using the bulk SMS interface from the ListView.
  • Pardot Integration: The App could be easily integrated with Pardot so that the team performance could be improved.
  • SMS History: All SMS records sent from Salesforce can be viewed and can be linked with the Lead or account corresponding to it.
  • The SMS Template: The template is similar to an email template and can be created, tailored, and can be used for sending SMSes.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Businesses are empowered to send messages to their customers over a shared console.
  • Process Builder: Messages can be sent automatically to the intended recipients by creating a workflow rule and a new task when rule criteria are fulfilled.
  • Dedicated Support: Users can get reliable and dedicated support for any sort of support request.
  • Set Reminders: It is possible to send text reminders from Salesforce to help users keep a track of certain activities and events while empowering sales reps to respond to incoming SMSes without difficulty.
  • Survey: By integrating feedback data with Salesforce, surveys can be built using workflows.
  • SMS from Report: The issue of unanswered calls and emails can be resolved using this feature. Users need to select the template, the report, and the phone numbers to and from which they wish to send SMS.

Benefits of Using the Salesforce Messaging App

Augmented Customer Experience: The App allows users to enjoy a holistic experience and take it to an altogether new level through a greater level of personalization. Consequently, providing personalized experiences to customers has become a priority for organizations.

Friendly User Interface & Quick Installation: The App offers an intuitive interface that is user-friendly, from a novice’s perspective. It can be installed quickly and can help users to get started immediately without any delays.

Instant Message Delivery: GirikSMS App is an outstanding tool that can deliver messages to customers situated across the globe that too instantaneously to all the recipients.

Performance Metrics: This SMS App for Salesforce can provide insights and metrics that display how well your campaigns are executed. Besides the metrics, you will also gain actionable insights that can be utilized to figure out your course of action to optimize your campaign and achieve the desired results.

Sending of SMS in bulk: One of the significant aspects of this SMS App lies in the fast upload and delivery of Group SMS to all the prospects and leads instantaneously. It is possible to send SMS in bulk to all your leads while promoting your products or services to the end customer directly.

Easy Integration with Salesforce: The App allows seamless integration with the CRM platform. With just a few simple clicks, it’s possible to get started by utilizing Salesforce for your business undertaking.

Final Words:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of every business undertaking and text messaging is an extremely cost-effective way of connecting with leads, prospects, and customers. However, when a text messaging App like SMS is integrated with a robust CRM like Salesforce, its efficiency increases manifolds. GirikSMS App by Girikon is one such App, which when leveraged can take customer communication to a new level. Available on App Exchange, the App is easy to install and is extremely user-friendly.