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Better Connect with Your Target Audience Using GirikSMS App

Better Connect with Your Target Audience Using GirikSMS App

Better Connect with Your Target Audience Using GirikSMS App

Businesses should leverage multiple channels to ensure better customer reach. However, text messages have proved to be one of the most effective modes of business communication as it offers more penetration effect than other channels such as emails. With email inboxes overflowing with multiple emails, offers, and notifications, it might not be easy for you to make customers open their inboxes. According to reports shared by Gartner, the average open rate for emails is just about 20% compared to 98% for SMS or text messages.

As a small business owner, if you wish to ensure that your customers see your invoices, appointment reminders, promotions, etc., leveraging CRM integrated SMS Apps is a great way. These text-messaging Apps can be leveraged to send personalized messages to customers and can be set up to send texts automatically depending on your marketing list, booking calendar, etc. One such robust Salesforce SMS App is the GirikSMS App, which offers a wide array of advanced features to help organizations take their customer communication to a new level. Let’s take a look at some of the advanced features offered by this App:

Lightning Ready: The App is both Salesforce Classic and Lightning ready as it works equally well on both platforms.

Single and Bulk SMS/MMS: The App can be leveraged to send individual/bulk SMSes/MMSes from the ListView in a batch of 200 using the SMS/MMS interface.

Pardot Integration: The App allows Pardot integration, which further improves the performance of the marketing and sales team.

Automation through Workflow: The sending of SMS/MMS can be automated using workflow configurations.

Process Builder: Messages will be automatically disbursed to the intended recipients when a new workflow rule and the task is created. When the rule criteria are fulfilled, messages get automatically disbursed.

Set Reminders: Text reminders can be sent from Salesforce while allowing sales reps to respond to incoming SMSes to help users keep track of various events.

SMS from Report: The issue related to unanswered emails and calls can be resolved using this feature. For this, users would have to select the report, template, and phone numbers from and to which they wish to send SMSes.

Quick Wrap-up: GirikSMS App is a Salesforce messaging app that integrates all the benefits of a robust CRM and a text messaging App. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, the App has helped organizations to better connect with their customers. The App can be easily downloaded from AppExchange and offers guaranteed results in cost-effective pricing.